Counting Disasters!

Reminiscing mishaps in my journey as a Little Mermaid, recalling them made me understand better that there is blessing in every blow and that they are not meant to harm us but allow us to be strong and mature. As I look back, I realized that there is always victory in every situation and it didn’t destroy me after all.

  • My right flipper went off from my  feet as I swam back to the boat after ascent, and without my knowledge! Good thing one of our companions behind found it for me – it felt stupid 😛
  • During a night dive as we ascend swimming back to the boat, my BC keeps on deflating! It’s bit difficult to keep inflating back as it was dark
  • While in Coron, last minute I was informed that my flight was cancelled, good thing the airline made arrangements for another airline at no cost, good thing it did not create mess for my connecting flight going back home
  • Once the visibility was murky and I got lost from my buddy, totally lost and I was left alone! I managed to ascend alone but it was truly heart pounding…
  • Another night dive on a shore entry, we begin to descend when I noticed something was wrong, I signaled for “something wrong” and for “up”!  I need one more weight as we’re using aluminum tanks, I forgot and it felt so stupid!
  • What abut having my period during my dive!  Dive trips cant just simply be moved for such reason, everything were arranged already including ticket reservations.
  • Well, what about my underwater cam caught up with leaking! L Barely ten months after I bought it, pricey of course.  My heart sank…  Now, we’re using my buddy’s cam with my casing.
  • Or while in El Nido, as soon as the plane touched down I received sms informing that my flight back was cancelled! I was disturbed – had to make last minute cancellation, booking, rebooking and accommodation arrangements – in effect new itinerary.  Good thing was, everything can be done online with some calls.  Good friends were there to help me out.
  • Or our Dive Tubbataha 2010 plan went flop!  Purely economics – my mentor wasn’t organizing anymore and the liveaboards are just too expensive – too lavish I would say.  There was too much cash outflow in the past months due to my mum’s hospitalization and finally her death. It isn’t wise to splurge when your finances is recovering yet.  Another week-long leave from work after having two weeks leave attending to our mum is I think  not a good work ethics.
  • Your Director wants to see you the following morning (holiday!) to discuss about work matters, and your flight for a dive trip is very early the next morning! How does that feel, may I ask?  Actually I felt bad, because in a sense I failed her.
  • Oh, few years back, when I had my Open Water Diver Course my period suddenly came the day before my class schedule! I thought I couldn’t make it but I did – my mentor was patient with me.

I may have a long list here now, but for sure as I continue with my diving trips, more disasters can happen.  But all of these were overtaken by the pleasures I savored form exploring the underwater world, it was simply marvelous! It is always as good as it gets. 🙂  The Lord always fix things, always….

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