100 Hours of Pure Bliss

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Just a note for one more milestone in my diving journey, month ago being on my 5th year in diving I earned 100 hours underwater. It was on my 123rd dive, not on a fancy dive resort wallowing in luxurious amenities but on Linamon coast in Iligan Bay.  It was an exploration dive on a sunny Sunday with blue skies, just perfect for an underwater venture.  After some works in the fish sanctuary, the Linamon project work force suggested for a break and went with me.

Although the west end of the fish sanctuary was not a usual site, we were not disappointed. The depths was blessed with biodiversity.  There was variety of corals, sponges, invertebrates, crinoids, hydroids and fish species.  We found nudis, juveniles and even crown of thorns. The visibility was good although there was kind of murky area, we didn’t find trash underwater. I was impressed that residents in the coastal area have managed well their waste disposal.  It just occurred to me that LGU Linamon was an awardee on War on Waste movement few years back.

Looking back, all my 100 hours were pure joy and very enriching – treasures indeed worth reminiscing. I have lost track in my dive log. I dive and dive with spontaneity, record my descents without counting the hours.  It was just coincidence that we ended with a sumptuous lunch at Grande Brasille Resto nearby.  I shared laughter and stories with Che, Sam, JR, Alvin Jay and Jong before going home.  It was still a celebration altogether!

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