Earth Day Action

Naked Island beach on a cloudy morning.....
Naked Island beach on a cloudy morning…..

The unchanging passion to protect and preserve our environment gave the urging to take action and join the force of enthusiasts for Mother Earth.  We can do many things even in our own small ways to offer our time for this endeavor, we just need to be creative.  I was caught up with a work meeting and weekend summer break in Siargao (pronounced as Shar-gow) Island.  So on a Saturday morning while having an island hopping in General Luna, randomly I did beach clean-up in Naked Island. No other beach bummer was there, so it was all to myself as I gather every piece of trash I could find on the sand bar – sachets, wrappers, bottle caps, plastics, lids, cigarette butts, plastic cups, etc.  It was a productive morning, while enjoying the quiet white beach, mild sun and surrounding waters.  I gathered up a bagful of trash when I went back to our boat, after one last round of the tiny island with my friend Angel.

Later when we had our two dives in the nearby Daku Island, we randomly picked up few  trash as we did rounds in the sandy slope.  Literally it’s not heavy stuff but a relevant gesture in the preservation of marine world.  We can make a difference in many ways, one step at a time!

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