CHOICES for the Great Beyond

An explosion of colors in the depths, slowly deteriorating and maybe lost if we do not do something about its protection and preservation…

The choices we made reflect more of who we are, far more than our brains, skills and abilities…..

Our impact on land is important just as in depths, our choices as human beings has effects either blatantly or subtly. Years back, I was struck realizing that marine world is in great peril, the value of the reefs can never be underestimated. Human induced global warming now poses perhaps the most serious threat of all, the evidence is very visible. Before it leads to extinction, protection and preservation are all necessary with consuming effort by humanity.

Questions to Ask

Do I really need that car journey?
Do I really need all those plastic bags at the supermarket?
Do I need to fly as often as I like?
Do I really need products with all those packaging?
Do I need to change towels everyday?
Do I need all these dust-gatherers in my room?
Do I need to indulge in the bath tub weekly?

Basic and simple questions that need simple but radical decisions and change of lifestyle, indeed conservation starts at Home. By this time, I believe many are getting the message. It’s not something new, and many are seriously involved now  more than just marine enthusiasts. Clover’s book, “The End of the Line”, stated that citizens need to reclaim their stake in the future of the seas.

Decisions, Mature Decisions

Do I need to dive weekly or monthly? Do I need to take advantage of airline seat sales? For almost five months I had no dives, I was like a fish out of water! I knew that my presence underwater has ill effects though subtly, it was difficult but that break provides space for my underwater friends. My presence is not necessary for them to survive, in fact it poses danger to them.

I haven’t flown for almost three months and my travels were limited to work that can’t be delegated. These “low cost” airfares are misnomer, actually there’s a great cost and we are all going to pay for it whether we fly or not. Take this, flying to Maldives emits tons of carbon dioxide, an effective way in helping to sink them. With that reality, I can not visit this marine paradise and explore its wonders if only to make them afloat a little longer. All my plane fare now includes WWF donation to compensate for my carbon- emitting flight.  A diver like me needs to rethink about limiting trips, and reducing ecological footprints.  As the saying goes, a true ecotourist never get on a plane!

Just mid of last week I had dinner with friends, trying this new food chain in town – the seafood is great according to them. Maybe, it was filled with people when we got there.  But I was aghast of the plastics they use – from plastic gloves (eat with fingers), plastic bibs or apron (it’s messy), camote fries was on wax paper, and the worst was – our one (1) pound hot shrimps with garlic/butter sauce was in clear plastic (food grade I hope) tied on its top end, delivered to us like a bag of groceries! I can not imagine the bulk of plastic garbage they dumped everyday in the land fill, most likely tons – it was disgusting! I know I have no good reason to be back in that resto.

Seriously, if we need to make a difference, difficult decisions has to be made. I believe that the greatest wisdom is being able to master the things that enslave us – our passions, desires and wasteful habits that tries to consume us but we can be free and rise above all of these, all for that greater love and passion of the great beyond.

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