Snorkeling @ Talisayan

It was on a sunny mid-day while preparing for our first open water dive, our dive instructor gave us a surprise –  to view the whale shark trapped in a fishpen in the next coastal town of Talisayan. Ah! It was not part of the dive lessons but we were excited with the idea.  So together with Julien & Joyce on board the glass bottom boat we cruise for Talisayan.


Dressed in wet suit, mask, snorkel, booties & fins we prepared to get down but we were stopped by the caretaker of the pen, snorkeling inside the pen is not allowed as it would disturb the fishes and surely affect their catch.  After negotiating, I swam wondering if I could make it there without bouyancy device. We swam & linger on floating and waiting (I made it though),  and finally sighted the whale shark. Wow! A 30 foot dotted whale shark, gracefully swimming… I never imagined I got the opportunity to see such wonderful creature!  J So beautiful,  it was amazing!

We hastily left the area, as the caretaker never left his eyes watching us.  We cruised back to Sipaka Point to have our first open water dive.  I can’t wait for it, such adrenaline rush!
Note:  Photo courtesy of Mario J.


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