Discovering Pandan Island…

What’s the difference between a favorite fascinating island and a newly discovered paradise?  Very little, perhaps…

pandan island 1

But the excitement of discovering an island – remote, elusive and isolated is tremendous! That adventurous spirit aching for something fresh, unspoiled, unimaginably pure and idyllic – you feel like you wanted to grasp and immerse yourself in its splendor.  That’s how I feel, perhaps with my travel friends too – Angel, Jen, Raquel, Mario and Rico.

A few days back, we got into Pandan Island – one of the outlying islands in Cuyo group in Palawan. We brave the big waves, surrendered to sun, risk our safety and endured the distance just to set foot on its soil.  It was something mysterious because we got no hint what we will make out from the hop. From a distance, we were grinning seeing the white beach and the environs, realizing it’s all to ourselves! We felt blessed given the opportunity to experience the serenity of the spot…


The chance of getting back to Pandan could be remote but we will cherish the beauty and splendor of this island, such encounter is always a good fortune but never accidental.

with angel 7

We left Pandan with sun-kissed skin, bad burns, big smiles, twinkling eyes and renewed spirit. Indeed discovering an island is always a joy and life giving…

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