Probably My Last Dive for the Year!

I laze around today – its one of those days with that kind of feeling I just wanted to do nothing but I have to pull myself up to do some thing productive.  After my laundry, I rested again then had quick errands, finally visiting my hairdresser.  There’s still lot in queue that must be done: Christmas cards for mails, books to finish – I had three in line; write-ups to do; overdue blogs; etc.  Surely, things never get done not to mention at the workplace, there’s a lot of catching up to do.  But today I’m pacing down, I need it though…

I miss the sea and I just wanted to be swallowed up in the water and be at peace down in the water world.  I’m looking forward, two weeks from now I’ll be going back to Duka Bay for a dive with Angel, probably this will be my last dive for this year. This will also be my last trip for the year with Angel. Weekends are booked already for the rest of the year and things are getting pretty more hectic at work.  The holidays will make it worse!

But plans for 2010 was set up already, of course all of these dives are part of the preparation for Dive Tubbataha 2010 which will be the highlight of next year’s dive trips. I could hardly wait!  J  There will be new sites and new places to explore next year, the wanderlust in me is throbbing…

Note: Above photo is the beautiful Sakayan, dive boat of DiveSpecial, Inc. taken at Jasaan port.

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