Rafting in White Waters!

such adrenaline rush!

After I had my first taste of river rafting few years back, I promised myself I should do it at least once a year. Why, when people from other places wanted some adrenaline rush at Cagayan de Oro river, it would be some kind of shame if an earthling like me who have declared CdeO as my second home town would simply ignore such wonderful experience.  I love the blood flowing as I hurdle every rapids without getting thrown out to the water! 😛

True enough, I have kept the promise – so each year I have a rafting trip in the CdeO river. The lovely thing is I can do it anytime of the year. 🙂  Once I had it in December, and my sister in NY was aghast! While she was shivering in cold on winter, here am I splashing in the waters under the sun like summer!  🙂  I love the waters and I never get tired watching the scenery by the river bank between Bukidnon and Mis Or territories.

And in the last two years, I did it with Angel!  He  love it too, no doubt – he did it twice last year.  But now we’re aiming for the extreme course or even the night run!  Hopefully we could do that soon.  🙂  So now, I’m looking forward again for this year’s adventure at the Cagayan de Oro river!  I love the white waters of the City of Golden Friendship

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