New Lessons, More Adventures

EANX finally!

For more than two years, I waited to embark into another level in my diving career.  No, I wasn’t in a rush but getting another certification to enhance skills and techniques would mean more adventures in one of my greatest love – diving!  Unlike my first two basic courses which I did alone, my EANx specialty course was with my favorite dive buddy.  Doing my first rigors in diving alone was challenging and was not easy so to speak,  but I learned so much from my efficient and ever patient mentor.  Now, after more than four years of diving and getting very much comfortable in the waters, it was all so easy. We are now better prepared for new lessons.  It felt like Angel and I were just having some fun dives in all too familiar waters in Mantangale!

After a clean up dive in Medina, our instructor was already waiting for us in MADRI when we got there after lunch.  Most important basics is still safety underwater, so much care is necessary when using enriched air.  The advantage here is increase of no stop dive time – you can stay longer at a certain depth underwater!  That means doing more while enjoying the sceneries down – photography could be more easier.

The brief literature plus the video didn’t eat much of our time, working on the written exam wasn’t much of a hassle.  Actually, we were rushing for the fun dives we had at Banaug Shoal and Lapinig Island!  One dive at the clean up was somewhat bitin, so having two more dives perfectly made our weekend getaway.  It’s like shooting two birds with one stone – dive cleanup and the lessons, plus fun dives!  🙂

Another milestone – we are now enriched air certified.  We are now on for more adventures in the depths!

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