Bookshelf Addition: Marine World Guides

Reef fish guides, still need more....

Being an avid reader I love books and I must admit it’s one of my weakness, needless to say my bookshelf is filled with an assortment of paperbacks or hard bounds I took fancy either for references or pleasure reading.  Recently however, I made addition to my collections which I think is inevitable as I got deeper in my love for the marine life.  I need to learn and know more for this grand quest of life beyond the depths.

I have gotten myself reef fish guides which I think not enough yet, considering million of sea fish species.  Now I am thinking about critters guide or even corals and other invertebrates.  Of course, it also includes dive guides – only two as of now and both were gift from my favorite dive buddy.  You can imagine, how voraciously I read the guides thinking about plans for the sites.  As of now, we focused ourselves in Philippine waters, there is still lot of sites to explore and discover.  Later, we can go beyond the borders, at the right time.

After finishing Air Enriched Diver lessons, I got now three diving manuals which are expected to be added when taking other specialty lessons.  There will be more books to have, I was dying for the world diving atlas – a big blue book written by Jack Jackson – so beautiful. I cringed though when I peek at the price!

Now, every time I went to the bookstore I searched first for dive guides or marine reference books, a slight change in choosing something to read and a modest addition for my bookshelf.

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