Sohoton in a Day

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It always brings joy to me to be in Sohoton, I used to come during summer months when weather is bit considerate and the park full of action. Unexpectedly I was transported into this remote islands for work, I was thrilled in a way though I know the objective is not about carousing in the waters.  The past week was indeed incredible, after a wonderful Sagada weekend I went straight to Bucas Grande islands.

Setting aside one day after a bloody workshop, with my workmates we explored the islands.  Although I have wanted to visit my jelly friends in Tojoman Lake, it was nil. They were not in season yet.  Everything was in a rush but was able to fit in with our time schedule. It was without doubt a wet trip.

We explored Bolitas and Crystal Caves after descending from Tiktikan lake, got scratches after I came out from Bolitas. Only then I knew that only five people are allowed inside due to low oxygen supply inside. We sailed then to La Fortuna, a small patch of white beach under the coconut trees.  The turquoise waters was irresistible and as if the sea water wasn’t enough, we walk a bit and immersed ourselves in the lake.  We rushed off to Cinnamon for lunch, swam again in its waters and hop on a floating raft enjoying the surrounding vista.

We burped after a sumptuous lunch and not wanting to waste our time, we rushed off to Sohoton Cove making most of the low tide.  I was transported again into another world, like my first visit I’m still  mesmerized in awesome wonder.  Exploring Hagukan and Magkakaub Cave was an adventure for my mates, it required courage and endurance especially for non-swimmers. But it was worth all their effort, there wasn’t  similar wonders they visited like the cove.  The day ended up with another swimming in Marka A Island – white beach, turquoise waters, marine life. It was all to ourselves!

The sun and sea water on my skin and the sea air in my lungs gave me much pleasure.  Simple things that gave simple joy.There was that sense of well-being that made me spring back to life. The orange horizon in the dusk and the cicada singing reminded me that the day was over.  For awhile it was enough, but I will be back soon…

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