MASAFA: A Fishy Story

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Magoong and Samburon Fisherman Association (MASAFA) is a group of fisherfolk in the two coastal barangays of Linamon,Lanao del Norte taking responsibility in the management of the established marine protected area (MPA) of  LGU Linamon.  Community-based projects is a strategy  found to be effective in marine protection and preservation among coastal areas.

The group actively participated in the coral transplantation project that aimed to preserved and enhance the coral reefs in the area.  The six-hectare MPA is under the responsibility of MASAFA committing to protect its surrounding waters.  They are patrolling the the area to prevent unwanted intruders disturbing the waters which includes beach goers.

As recipient of NRM project, the group was provided assistance in terms of income generating activities as alternative source of livelihood for the fisherfolk. A start-up capital of PhP 250,000.00 for their proposed  bangus production through fish cages  which they will managed to improve their capacity and capability to implement economic activities for the community.  As on-ground investments to support for their livelihood and improve their incomes.

MASAFA is just one of the rural communities that receive funding and technical support to pursue the objectives of the Mindanao Rural Development Program 2 in pump-priming Mindanao’s rural economy.

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