Life Lessons from Scuba Diving

Blue World

While we all embrace the rules of our dual life underwater I believe few of us think that these rules may also apply as life lessons above water. I found myself often looking to my time underwater and using my experiences and the things I have learned in day to day life.

Scuba life lessons

  1. Remain confident and calm in times of difficulty; don’t stress yourself,  just relax
  2. Never forget to look around and enjoy the scenery
  3. Don’t take the little things for granted, they are often the most enjoyable things in life
  4. The burdens we have shouldn’t be viewed as inconveniences but instead view them as support and an experience to keep us moving forward
  5. In times of difficulty look around, your buddy will be there for you
  6. While looking to a friend don’t forget to be self sufficient; your buddy may need you someday
  7. Face your fears with a giant stride into the unknown
  8. Try not to kick up too much dirt, it may create problems for you in the future and it will be hard to view the finer things in life
  9. If you are ever in doubt always look back and remember the basics you have learned
  10. Never forget, just keep breathing

NB.  An inspiring article adapted from, as we grow older we tend to look for the valuable lessons as  we  go the journey.  Straightforward and practical, this is perfect not only for divers but for everyone who believes that we are in a big classroom called LIFE.

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