Diving in Europe?

My probing eyes tried to absorb all the sites before me as the city tour bus rolled off. I just arrived Frankfurt the night before, the difference of six hours of time zone from Philippines left me undaunted. I started the day like any Deutsch determined for my “to do” list on hand. The buffet breakfast in my hostel was more than enough for my energy boost, but I gulped down two glasses of multi-vitamin saft to be sure I had enough resistance against the new weather. The morning was crisp as I got out from the heavy oak door of my hostel.

Along the Rhine River, Frankfurt am Main
Along the Rhine River, Frankfurt am Main

I was pressing my nose on the glass windows grasping the colorful sights and the impressive buildings, then smiled as we passed along trees by the Rhine River that started to change colors. And I started to click and click for photos. Then as we go around tracking the tour route, I catch Happy Dive – Frankfurt dive shop at Elizabethenstrasse! It was a surprise as I wasn’t expecting to spot one as I arrived Germany in just few hours. I can’t help smiling and touch my dive computer on my wrist, my travel buddy even if I’m not diving. The mermaid in me felt good, I was reminded that I am a diver even in foreign lands, and even if my itinerary didn’t include dives.

Happy Dive – Frankfurt

Two weeks later over the weekend, I asked my cousin about her diving news bits. She got certified two years ahead of me but to my surprise, she barely had 30 dives. Her dives consist only of trip to Egypt, Corsica Island (off in France) and a simulation dive in a deep pool. She added that the marine life in her dives paled in comparison in Philippines, there is so much life and color in her descents in Philippine waters.

Diving in Europe is one dream, perhaps it would be impressive where it all had started. Early diving expeditions started here and SCUBA was discovered by Sir Jacques Yves Cousteau. But diving in Philippines can not be understated, many Europeans came over just to dive and I met divers in my dives in Coron, El Nido and Tubbataha. Our tropical waters has been attracting Europeans, many of them either established diving business, work in diving communities, stayed for good and have families in our lands.

Diving in Europe? Perhaps one day. Perhaps, a reason to be back one day….

Happy Dive Frankfurt
Elisabethenstraße 140
60594 Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen

Phone 069 / 40563219
Mobile 0176 / 31384141
E-Mail info@happydive-frankfurt.de
Monday 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Tuesday to Friday 2:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Saturday 9:30 am – 4:00 pm

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