Diving Responsibly

Diverse, healthy and colorful reefs for the future!

“I get excited about the concept that we can do for the ocean what’s been done for the land in terms of protecting areas of national parks.”  ~Dr. Sylvia Earle~

Ecotourism is becoming fast popular due to the growing awareness and concerns on environmental issues, the advocacy to manage tourism in an ecological sustainable way. Many divers, dive operators and resorts lead in protecting marine ecosystems but as reefs attract increasing numbers of tourists and more resorts, greater controls became necessary to prevent the reefs from being damaged.  Many people are also concerned on damage that can be done by divers. Keeping the areas of marine environment ecologically sustainable depends as much on divers as well as dive operators and resorts.

Divers have great responsibility in protecting marine world much that no other can defend the ecosystems than those who first love the seas and oceans.  Here are few reminders for responsible divers who are keen on sustainable ecotourism management:

  •  Master good buoyancy control, coral is killed by divers touching it while adjusting their buoyancy
  • Be properly weighted and have all equipment tucked in to avoid touching marine organisms
  • Do not use deep fin-strokes next to the reef – the surge of the water stresses delicate organisms
  • Do not wear gloves to avoid the temptation to hold onto live corals
  • Reef hooks will  be used only when necessary and on dead part of the reef
  • Do not move marine organisms around to photograph them or hitch ride on turtles, manta rays or whale sharks – it causes considerable stress
  • Avoid several people crowding in underwater caverns or caves and do not stay long as diver’s exhausted air suffocates the resident creatures
  • Do not participate in spear-fishing for sport – selective killing of the larger fish upsets the reproductive chain
  • Do not collect or purchase marine souvenirs
  • Before booking on a resort, check the company’s environment policy
  • Donate to group or organization to offset the carbon emissions of flights
  • Every dive is a clean-up dive, your hands is not too full to pick any trash during the dive
  • Support every marine conservation activities and programs in your area

Divers are ambassadors of the ocean, the tiny minority who witnessed the wonders of the marine world and understand the importance to the health of planet.  Divers would be more evangelical about the seas, without doubt divers had a special role in broadcasting the message that our ocean are in trouble.  The health of the oceans is an indicator of the health and future of our whole world. We have great responsibility!


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