Dive Against Debris


The world we have created today as a result of our thinking thus far has problems which cannot be solved by thinking the way we thought when we created them. ~Albert Einstein~

Scientists think over six million tons of marine debris are entering our ocean every year. One can just imagine the volume of underwater trash that threatens marine life, destruction is evident and many documentaries can only reveal the devastating effects of these wastes. In my own diving trips, the disheartening sight of trashes is very common – either on the shores or floating on the waters or underwater. Definitely, the debris don’t belong to the waters – so pathetic! But we are not hopeless, the global diving community have focus on battling the ocean’s silent killer from beneath the surface.

This September – Debris Month of Action – let us join to combat the growing marine debris problem and inspire year-round action to remove, report and prevent underwater debris. Volunteer this September for this drive and be counted, join a group event or grab your dive buddy and report your data. Moreover, make this a habit, let us pledge to dive against debris all year, a lifestyle we must maintain. Together, we can stop marine debris by taking local action and supporting policy change. By submitting your underwater data on an ongoing basis, we’re one step close to prevention.

Let’s join the fight against the ocean silent killer!

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