NRM Project:Coral Transplantation in Samburon


samburon, MPA now!

It was in December 2008 that I attended the presentation of project proposals for MRDP, I seated behind listening to the deliberations with my team, thoughts racing in my mind too interested with marine preservation. Few of things I began to be passionate about after I become a diver!

The project was approved by the Poject Advisory Board (PAB) , a Natural Resorce Management (NRM) Project funded by WB under the Mindanao Rural Development Program. I guess I was beaming thinking about the coral transplantation and was too thrilled when the project coordinator told me she would get me as volunteer diver during transplantation.  The rest is history….

Now, after more than 18 months of the preparation, logistics, arrangements, social prep, capacitation and more – the area is now ready.  Concrete domes and subsrates were submerged months ago, nursery installed, and now a protected area. Last week the transplantation have started and I can’t help to be excited! Next week (Aug 25th) I’ll be joining them down under for the job, finally!  I started to think how long would I last doing the planting with my 3000psi tank, or how many can I plant, or will I do it right?  And this is totally new – coral planting? Well, planting in the gardens is too easy – flowers, herbs, veggies – which made me remember the backyard.  But planting underwater is outlandish – it’s not for the faint-hearted I guess!  😛   Isn’t that somewhat cranky?

I’m immensely felt blessed that my passion for diving is not mere for fun, but also with a purpose not for myself  but for the community and environment, contributing to make this corner of the Earth a better place to live.  This I think is an infallible human undertaking. 

Ah, my hidden fins is starting to scratch out from me!  🙂