Isla Sta. Cruz del Grande

My recent stop-over at Zamboanga on our way to Bongao, Tawi-tawi gave me an opportunity to rediscover this historic city and I had my share of surprises. Since our time was limited, we just planned for a quick hop at Sta. Cruz island, the famed islet with the pink  beach.

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Angel and I was in awe, the island is more than just a  glimmering white beach or pink beach for that matter, its depths is teeming with marine life.  And right there in the beach front nestled are turtle eggs waiting to be hatched, about more than thirty days later!  The nearby Pequeño Sta. Cruz is MPA, that explains why going to the island is forbidden.  The tourism officer (who happened to be a diver) informed us later that diving is allowed in certain parts of the sanctuary – hallelujah!

Getting a dip and swim at Sta. Cruz was irresistible , I gave in and joined Angel in the refreshing waters under the cheery sun – as if it was summer!  It is always an advantage to be at the beach on weekdays, the little paradise was all to ourselves!

Zamboanga – yo quiero la mar y la playa!  Soon, you will be our diving destination…