Reef to Ridge Detour

Spilling few thoughts when my trip plans been shelved for awhile. Lately, there are few redirections to take on and I guess can not be taken for granted, mindful living is my new lifelong quest. To live in the present and be responsive to important matters that life threw at me. Of course, plans are still in my agenda because as they say, having plan (a good plan) is work half done!

Getting back in the mainstream after the pandemic is about catching up where I have left off, personal or official. And always, work duties get on the lead. It is necessary, very necessary. My trekking friends and I just accede without being disturbed or sad, we need to cancel the plan and stay grounded. Third quarter actually is critical, catching up is the general agenda of the whole force.

I was missing the depths, and so wistful about being in the great beyond. But before I could plan for another re-schedule, I got some injury. An ouch that can never be ignored. Diving requires fitness and balanced physical condition.

Nevertheless, there was an opportunity for a work trip – my first time to go outside the region after the pandemic subsided, just in time I got confidence to travel far from my abode. Again, it’s hitting two birds with one stone. Savoring nature’s best in the company of friends exploring new site without neglecting my responsibilities.

Trip to SOCCSKSARGEN was some breather. Actually, it was a reef to ridge detour.  Early trek and swim at Glan shores every morning was so relaxing.  Before we head back for an eight-hour drive to Cagayan de Oro, we spent a night in a farm at the foot of Mt. Matutum, a protected landscape. Indeed, peace and joy in the wide expanse of nature.

Last quarter would be more full I am so sure, but trips also comes with it I guess. I claimed 2022 as a year of healing for me so with the Lord’s blessing I wont let it end without getting into the depths. That’s my solemn promise!