Diving at Green Waters

AOWD Course II

One crisp Saturday morning, I hastily get out of my bed to prepare for the day’s trip.  We’re going to dive to one new place at Jasaan, near Green Waters Resort.  I usually passed the area during my trips to the Caraga region, I was awed with its green (of course) sea waters – so pure, so clean and so cool looking.  I was bit interested when my instructor informed me  about our destination.  Today, I’ll finish my advanced diving lessons – I’ll gonna do my last two dive exercises.

I keep myself busy reading a foodie mag while waiting for my instructor at the meeting place, why so long?  😛  At least the trip is shorter compared going to Duka Bay, we head to  Kimaya port for the  transfer to Sakayan.  I take comfort in this dinghy – it has a room, a lounge, rest room and most importantly it cruise fast.  Again, I was lone student so it was some kind of special class, while cruising to the site we review the lessons and spent more time for the knots. We finally had the briefing for the exercises that must be done for the day.  Well, I need to assemble my gears on my own – no assistance now…

Just like my previous training dives, I didn’t take the time to explore the underwater critters as I was more  concerned on the exercises, I just need to put things in order.  But in between, I explored a big rock with anemone and soft corals on top of it, I look closely and found a cleaner shrimp  – beautiful!  Big sea fans in varied colors, colored sponges, fishes… I had fun with the search and recovery, it’s challenging to find missing objects in the water. I was just determined not to stop until I got it – I was confident since my air consumption is efficient.  I finished all the requirements even reviewing other things missed in Part I lessons.

Now, I’m more ready for more adventures in diving.  I can’t help thinking of my next dive sked, visualizing what I have gained from today’s lessons – more than just getting the license, now I understand better about necessary skills and attitude to get maximum pleasure and prioritizing safety in all dives. It’s really not a place for an oooops! More diving trips to come….

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