December and Calories…

What’s this in connection with Little Mermaid’s journey?  Musings…. As if thinking how to survive the calories fever during the holidays!

So what calories have to do with the little mermaid?  Well, extra calories is not included in her pursuits in fact, it must be avoided. In the first place, fat mermaid is a complete taboo, a sore and an utter disappointment! On a deeper sense, it’s not healthy and against the rules of wellness. 

The gatherings  that come with the celebration for the season is now on, invitations comes now and then not to mention the lunch and dinners with good friends and the parties at the workplace (got at least two) and more.  Last Sunday morning, I woke up with a headache and just as I used to do, still closing my eyes I tried to make a rundown for the past days for my food intake – trying to make an inventory what I ate. Well, I had lechon at least in 4 meals last week plus red wine in Friday and Saturday evening!  I guess it was too much for me, it felt like I was nauseous but have to get up for an important Sunday celebration which got me exposed again to meat and other foods that are not healthy (but very tempting and delicious). 🙂  I was thinking how to get out from this food splurge that came with December festivities. How can I? 

 The mermaid in me is worrying that my wetsuit would get tight I couldn’t fit in, maybe I’m just being paranoid.  But honestly, I aimed to have the same wetsuit until it will go kaput after 10 years?!? J I’m making it as my gauge for my right weight. I wish I could get away from all the superfluities in December, after all it’s not necessary for a meaningful Advent season.  The little mermaid in me feels sheer bliss if I could just jump into the waters, swim and burn all these calories and feel fit once again but I couldn’t just do it these days! 😦

 Hmmmm, what about dancing and sweating it out?  🙂

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