2009 in Summary…

my blue, blue world...

Year 2009 has been fruitful without doubt, and as it draws to a close I believe it won’t be too gibberish at all to recount  the wonderful memoirs – heart warming and worth reminiscing – in one of my great loves.

It’s been a rewarding year in terms of travel and dive trips, there were changes and time management became an art at home and at work to accommodate the whims of wanderlust.  On this account I would focus more on my diving pursuits which I become engrossed with, I would say I dealt it more seriously this year with the objective of preparing for Dive Tubbattaha 2010!  I was heeding with my mentor saying I must dive as often as possible and go advance, in other words – to stretch, to grow and be ready for more challenges and adventures in diving.

So, here’s my list of what I’ve done and where I’ve been, my 9 things in 2009:

  • Dove more than 20 times this year (20 is much considering time & expense considerations), almost having a dive trip each month
  • Discovered Balicasag, Moalboal, Duka Bay, Green Waters, Anilao, Dauin & Bacong sites
  • Revisited Agutayan Island, Samal Island and the wrecks in Coron waters
  • Finally took my Advanced Open Water Diver Course with DiveSpecial
  • Discovered the mysterious, challenging and amazing night dive! and learned beach entries
  • Participated PADI sponsored underwater clean-up in Duka Bay and getting involved in underwater preservation and protection
  • Meet friendly DMs and new diver acquaintances
  • Learning underwater photography though still needs much improvement
  • Gained a buddy who shared my deep passion for diving and underwater life

There is always something new in every dive – learnings, discoveries, lessons – making me a better diver each descent. I took note also on my mentor’s comments and corrections, asking my mistakes every time I surfaced if I dive with him. Indeed, there has been lot of improvement – I felt more comfortable in the depths and I’m getting deeper (114 ft as deepest!).  I can now dive sans elegant dive boat, I agree with Mario – water entry with the paddle boat is more interesting and challenging and it won’t hurt my back! 🙂

There still more to do to better prepare me for our mission, and I need to acquire dive computer soon, it’s really necessary. I’m taking up soon also EAN certification and as my mentor was suggesting – Rescue Diver Course.  Much have happened in 2009 but there’s much work to do for 2010.

I would like to give thanks and credit to two people who are now my good friends, these friends who inspired and gave me courage to go on and hope for the best in my diving pursuit.  Mario –   my dive instructor for OW and AOW, my mentor – ever kind and patient with me though strict, as my professor I would only get B minus by his standards!    🙂    He who always assist me in my needs and concerns in diving.  And of course Angel, travel and dive buddy – my constant companion in all my amazing dives this year, whom I shared wonderful memories in my underwater escapades. I traveled with him almost every month – actually he spoiled me with all those get aways, I love it though!    🙂    I felt blessed and honored to have these two noble men who shared their time with me, cared for me and extended a hand in any way they can – they were with me in this year’s journey.

I can only wish for a fruitful and productive diving in 2010 with God’s blessing!

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