Saturday Morning Surprise!

Note:  I’m looking forward to have a close encounter with a green sea turtle at Tubbataha Reefs!

I was up early this morning for my walk, the week has been too full at work and I want to shed off all the negative energies to have at least a refreshing weekend. It started to drizzle when I had my last round but determined to finish the stretch and  I made it. On my way home, I decided to stop at the corner and take refuge at the Cham’s before I could get wet.  Duh, I don’t need another bout of cough & colds or worst, a fever.  I’ll be off for an official trip on Monday and getting sick is forbidden…

Somebody was waving at me inside the store, my poor eyesight (no glasses, no contacts)  wasn’t helpful. I wasn’t expecting to have any friend or acquaintance encounters on a rainy morning in a very unusual spot. But sluggishly I pushed the glass door to see who’s who, the morning is so beautiful to be a snob!  🙂   Well, I got a pleasant surprise – of all the people – it’s Mario with Fred!  After almost three years of under Mario’s care as my diving mentor, I never bumped with him in downtown CdeO! The city is not that big but he’s not the type who’d be loafing in the crowds or walk randomly down town,  he had lot to attend to – all about matters of consequence.  So I was truly aghast to see him there standing, looking at me with a big smile!  It’s really heartwarming to see them both.  The last time I saw Mario was in September during our clean up dive, he was out for a class when I got to Duka Bay last December with Angel for a dive.  And I saw Fred last April yet during a dive at Duka, he just got back from his work outside the country.

Like my real advisor, I told him my dive plans in the next months including Angel’s AOW lessons in May. And encouraging him to pursue organizing  a Tubbataha dive trip in June, surely we can’t go there with the expensive liveaboards!  Though it will be subject to many arrangements, he promised he will do it, even Fred was enthusiastic about it.  He still have enough time for the preparation and planning.

The little mermaid in me is rejoicing!  Angel and I have been looking forward for Dive Tubbataha 2010! The thought of our drive trips in the next months is just perfect to pep up my weekend for today and next weeks’ tasks. This morning’s surprise was just enough for that much needed vigor!

After all the smoke will be cleared in my workplace, I will sure be back in the waters for one of my great love.  The beauty of the sea is so enthralling because of what is deep down and it’s just so irresistible…  🙂

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