Diving in Subic Wrecks!

The wonderful sunrise at Subic Bay…

Glancing over the schedule of the conference didn’t encourage me to plan for a dive in the bay, normally I extend my stay in a place like what I did last year to accommodate my whims.  But it would be a long bus trip to the metro and I don’t want to be struggling with my luggage much less to burden my companions. I was letting go of my at least one dive in a month agenda, anyway there will be more trips to come.  So then, my schedule with Angel for January is cancelled…

Surprises Not Only in Packages

Continuing my plan for a regular morning walk, I explored the neighborhood of our hotel and found the seafront. I felt blessed getting an opportunity for my walks, a wonderful way to start my day looking out at the sea with fresh morning air.  The next morning we explored the other end going to the lighthouse and I spotted at least three dive shops, it brought smile to my lips.   So, that night after attending mass at San Roque chapel and having dinner, we trooped to the seafront.  While my friends wander, I hop at the dive shops to inquire.

Subic Scuba College offered good rates and it’s a 5 star PADI dive center, it was so tempting. GM Ali said they could only be available afternoon next day which is also true for me.  🙂  So,  I booked for two wreck dives and what’s good was there’s no other booking which means the DM would be all attention to me alone – safe for sure…

Back to the Waters

The next day while everybody rushed after lunch to prepare for the Zoobic Safari, I sneak away from the hotel and walk to the seafront under the blazing sun.  That same feeling of getting away from all and be at peace alone going somewhere you love most.  The little mermaid in me is rejoicing! I didn’t mind the scorching heat and I walk with light quick steps as if my feet had wings!   🙂

Another surprise is DM Jun speak visayan together with his wife Ma’am Lourdes, who is a dive instructor.  The assistant is also visayan, so it felt home speaking my dialect. They are all friendly and what a blessing!  DM Jun planned for USS New York, and if the visibility is good our second dive would  still be there exploring another end of the ship.  It’s a large ship which they usually had for technical diving lessons.

After 10 minutes speed boat ride, we were at the spot.  They let me try the tech gear which I found heavier due to the steel casing, but it’s good try something new. We descend following the line – it was hazy at first until we got into the wreck. It is still intact, USS New York had been lying there more than 60 years!  It had become an artificial reef but fish life isn’t really abundant.  The large canon gun, a big propeller, some chambers – spectacular!  DM Jun have forgotten a torch, so wasn’t able to penetrate deeply – though we entered some shorter passageway.  I think we exceeded the RDP table (I really need the dive computer!), because we spend much time for the safety stop! Until we finally ascend slowly… It felt so good to be back in the waters!

DM Jun decided for another site for the second dive as it was bit hazy, so after an hour of interval we descend for LCU which is shallower.  It is lying upright flat , I haven’t get the whole stretch of ship but I presumed it to be  broad and spacious as it was a landing craft utility.  We entered some portions, there were  lion fishes, snappers, damsel fishes and banner fishes.  I guess they got used to fish feeding because the fishes came near us…  We cruised back after we surfaced, just in time for sundown.  It was so cold and I felt like shivering.  It was such a joy diving with GM Ali and DM  Jun…

After some pleasantries, settling my bills and promising to be back sometime I retraced my steps for downtown. I felt craving for something sweet and after I got to LBP ATM, I searched for Snow Spoon. Too glad to have found it, and got for myself frozen mango yogurt with banana toppings plus the cream puff!  I wanted to get rid of the nitro in my veins  🙂  I remembered Angel’s food trip every after our dives… 🙂

Spoiled but Blessed

Unplanned – but again the Lord arranged things for me perfectly.  He spoiled me again with His generosity, He can never be outdone.  He took care even the small things  – I brought with me a swim suit randomly, my logbook, my sunscreen, my backpack , even my contacts.  The people (whom I called angels) and events, which made possible for my whims. All things indeed.  There are always surprises in store for me, now I am thrilled what’s next!   🙂

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