Valentine’s Weekend Dive…

Black & White Clown fish taking refuge on a sea anemone…

Finally, I have finished my reports and made it to the deadline, though other tasks are still in queue,  but as I have promised myself I need to go to the depths and flip my fins to be once again in the midst of the Lord’s most grandeur creation. Last night, while still at work finishing my tasks for the day, got a message from my mentor for a Saturday dive !  What an inspiring invitation – it felt like my back pain is gone!  🙂 

So, I have something to look forward this weekend although my mind is still lingering for other tasks that need my attention, I just couldn’t resist going for a dive… I’ll be back again at Duka Bay but I don’t mind, because I knew there will be something new in every encounter deep down. But I don’t want to miss the cold alibuag, and maybe  caught sight of the sea turtle!  I just miss to be with Angel for a dive…  Well, our next month’s trip would be an off the beaten path site – it’s gonna be an exciting discovery! 🙂

NB.  Above photo was taken at Paradise, Duka Bay

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