Season’s Greeting from Underwater World

There are around 10,000 species of bristleworms, almost all of which live in the sea.  They live in plankton, buries in sand or mud, and also in crevices or moving around freely in rock and coral reefs.  One of the common we see underwater is Christmas tree worm, embedded in living coral and often in groups.  The crown is made up of two spiral rings of tentacles, the color is very variable: white, yellow, orange, pink, blue, dark purple, blackish and sometimes also spotted. It is sedentary and plankton feeder.

It is very timid and normally, retracts instantly in response to any suspicious shadow or wave movement.  Sometimes though, few can be generous and would stood their ground even with strangers so I got the photos above.  If you dive this month, get the chance to look for this elusive critters and be greeted for this season in the depths!

Have great dives this season!

NB. Above underwater photos were taken at Lapinig Island, Balingoan

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