Leaf or Fish?

Leaf or Fish?

The leaf fish (Taenianotus triacanthus) resembles a dead leaf lying in the water. To enhance this camouflage it even makes gentle sideways movements in its pelvic area which make it resemble a drifting inert object. It is an ambush predator, waiting until a suitable prey, a small fish or shrimp approaches. Then it slowly moves with its pectoral fins close to the victim. When the leaf fish is close enough, the prey is sucked in by a sudden opening of its mouth. It eats victims up to half its body length but larger animals are completely ignored.

I was not expecting to meet her again at Banaug Shoal but she was there, silently taking refuge between soft corals as if swaying sideways by the current. It is just one of interesting residents in the house reef.  Simply beautiful …

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