Sea Pegasus

The seamoths belongs to the family of fishes, the Pegasidae, within the order Gasteroteiformes.  They are named Pegasus , like the creature from Greek mythology. Seamoths are notable for their unusual appearance, including flattened bodies, the presence of large, wing-like, pectoral fins, a long snout, and a body encased in thick, bony plates.  They could look more attractive if swimming showing off their wing-like fins, appearing like a small dragon on waters.  They are found primarily in tropical waters like the Philippines.

We had this encounter during our last dive in Siquijor, our DM briefed us on our second descent that the site is a haven of seamoths.  Indeed, as soon as we slowly sunk on the sandy slope, our first sighting was the pegasus above colored like the sand where it was resting.  It was my first encounter of the specie. I was wishing it was swimming or flying when we found it, showing its splendor as the pegasus!

Have you had an encounter with seamoths or sea dragons?

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